Car Auction IAAI

Car auction IAAI, like other automobile auctions, is referring to the damaged auto auctions as well as salvage automobile auction. Almost every state has several marketplaces of vendue, which are implemented on a daily basis selling thousands of salvage cars or damaged automobiles. According to this indicator IAAI takes the second place after auto yard COPART.

At the car auction IAAI there are major vendors. This is the insurance company which pays money to the former owners of autos insurance for damaged cars, theft, flooding etc. They realize the value of the auto at yard. Largely for this reason the cost of damaged automobiles at yard IAAI can be 40% -70% lower than that of a auto, offered at conventional auto auctions (for example, at Manheim).

The vast majority of autos sold in the vendue, have the mark of the damage in a vehicle history database CARFAX and AutoCheck. Therefore, knowing the vin-code, you can thoroughly check all of its history, as well as clarify the circumstances under which it received injuries.

About 15% of cars sold in the IAAI, have a clean history. Therefore, the acquisition of vehicles at this yard can be very advantageous. It should be assisted by an experienced professional.

What cars are sold at yard IAAI?

Salvage cars at the yard clearly belong to palm sales. This is logical: the future owner does not need to invest in painting or repairs. Suffice it to purchase something that was stolen - and he will have a great automobile!

Cars with minor damage are next in popularity. They need to replace only some external parts: fenders, doors, hood, headlights, etc. This patch load of the auto is not required (in other words, "geometry" autos are not affected).

Honorable third place is for autos which have "drowned". Immediately agreed - this is only about those who were drowned in fresh water.
Well, the most unpopular vehicles in the yard are cars with serious injuries carrying body parts (that is, those who have suffered "geometry" body).

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